Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blog #64: Dear Santa Althea (My K-Beauty Wishlist)

Hello Beauties! 'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la, fa la la, la la la ♫ and in line with this season, it's time once again to attend parties and stuff ourselves with delicious feasts. Of course, doing so, one must fix herself and be pretty. After all, a party ain't complete without the mandatory selfies and groufies, right? ☺ 

For new moms like myself, however, there are priorities I want to put above everything else. Yes, I'll probably skip that pre-Christmas dinner I usually hold with my closest friends. I may not be able to attend that beauty event I was looking forward to. And yep, I guess I have to settle with online shopping instead of joining the Malliday rush. All of these things, however, are simple sacrifices I'm willing to take since I've been blessed with the biggest gift this year, my little Katey. Surprisingly, staying at home, breastfeeding and watching over my little cutie 24/7, is more entertaining as I thought it'll be. I find myself smiling and laughing more now with this little bundle of joy's antics. haha

Although being a new mom for me means me being completely attentive to my little baby, there are still things that I manage to do when she's fast asleep or distracted like my passion which is K-beauty. Ever since I stayed full time at home, I've started vigorously upgrading my skincare routine. So when Althea announced that they'll be having a contest for bloggers, vloggers and youtubers like myself, I decided to take the plunge! You should too if you're also a fellow blogger like me. Just check out Althea's links below:

Althea Philippines website

Althea Philippines Facebook

Althea Korea Instagram

Anyway, for any K-Beauty addict like myself, being able to receive all a whole box of makeup and skincare that I love is like being a kid being told she can bring home all the toys she want. I'm beyond excited! So indulge me for a moment as I share my simple letter to Santa Althea in hopes that all my wishes, she'll hear ❣

This year proved to be my best year yet. After a transition year in 2015 (drastic change in my career, some personal fiasco and a dengue scare to end the year), 2016 greeted me with a lovely surprise. I found out last January that I'm finally pregnant after two years of trying! ☺ The news made me believe that 2016 is my year and so far, it really is. Pregnancy took it easy on me and I even received a lot of compliments for someone carrying another human being inside of me. Giving birth last September, there was a brief moment when I felt down after going through C-section and feeling as if I'm not competent enough to mother a child but after a rough start, I'm starting to finally get a hold of my situation. My normal sleeping routine, however, has become whacked.

Lately, I've become a paranoid momma. I find myself staying up until dawn just watching Katey sleep, afraid that she might poop all of a sudden and be irritated, that she'll go hungry while I'm sound asleep or a mosquito might pass by and take a bite out of her chubby body. No matter how I tell myself that I'll be able to wake up before something bad happens, I don't trust my heavy sleeping self.

I sometimes wish that once in  awhile, I can have nights when I can indulge in a good sleep not only to calm my mind but also to treat my skin. I know that losing sleep is one of the reasons our skin age quickly. It affects the skin's elasticity, texture and even dulls its glow. That's why I wish Santa Althea gifts me some creams so that'll I'll be able to have a good sleep while being good to my skin. ☺

They say that my eyes are my greatest assets but sleepless nights are taking its toll on me especially on my undereye area. I wake up to tired and gloomy eyes. An eye cream will really help rejuvenate my eye area.

As I turn another year older tomorrow (yes, my birthday's on the 21) and as I mark my age as the last number on the calendar (welcome to Titahood!), my skin's starting to age as well. One of the main things affected by aging is the elasticity and youthfulness of my skin. I'm hoping the essences and serums I'm asking for will help rejuvenate my ageing skin.

Nursing also takes a lot of liquid out of me that's why most of the time, my skin feels dehydrated. I need some products that will bring nourishment and hydration. These toners I chose are the ones I feel are most compatible with my skin's needs.

Last, weather here in the Philippines is so hot! As in even the Holiday season feels like Summer that's just a little colder. Overexposure to the sun causes my skin to age faster and I'm hoping that a dab of sunscreen will keep me protected throughout the day. These sunscreen on my list are what I've been coveting ever since.

Oh, by the way, I made a jingle summing up my list. Hope you watch and listen to all my heart's wish!

Pardon my aegyo on the video. I'm hoping it'll add points so that I'm a step closer to being chosen. hahaha

I know, Santa Althea, that I'm asking for too much. It's just that this is a once in a lifetime chance. I'm pouring my heart out in hopes you'll hear... all of my heart's wishes this year! ☺


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