Saturday, July 23, 2016

Blog #61: Korean Makeup Haul - VDL (Swatch + First Impressions)

Beauties, here's another batch of haul from Korea courtesy of my sister-in-law's friend, Lara. I've been lusting over the VDL + Pantone collection for the past months and been hearing a lot of raves about the Lumilayer Primer Fresh that I've decided to include them in my latest haul.

Yep, the VDL + Pantone Collection's loaded with the good stuff. Featuring the year's official color, Rose Quartz (a pink lilac color) and Serenity (a light purplish blue shade) that complement one another perfectly that the packaging alone can make you go "aww...".

VDL's done it. It reached the point when owning this coveted collection has been on the tick list of most beauty junkies out there (yours truly included). So I was overjoyed upon finding this inside my VDL shopping bag.

I got the VDL + Pantone Expert Color Eye Book 6.4 and Lumilayer Primer Fresh.

Part of the VDL + Pantone Collection is the Expert Color Eye Book 6.4.

The packaging is a gradient of Rose Quartz and Serenity which is just so stunning. What's even more stunning is the actual product itself.

It has a total of 12 colors that range from pinks to purples to grays. Here are the swatches from left to right, top to bottom.

First row:

Second row:

Third row:


    • the palette features five (5) textures:

      • Satin
        • combination of matte and shimmer texture

      • Frost
        • opaque coverage with a white or silver sparkle

      • Shimmer
        • subtle sheen with just the right amount of sparkle

      • Mineral
        • silky and light to touch with high pigmentation

      • Matte 
        • high pigmentation but hard to blend

    • this is great since most palette only feature 2-3 textures while this one makes it easier to do gradation and dimensional looks.

  •  Pigmentation
    • aside from the matte-textured shadow, the rest of the palette have decent pigmentation although I was expecting more since this is one of those higher end products. VDL probably moderated on the pigmentation to avoid looking tacky on the eyes.

  • Fragrance
    • surprisingly, this palette has a very mild, almost close to none on the fragrance department which I appreciate

  • Packaging
    • topnotch - not only the box and the storage of the palette look stunning, the arrangement of the shades and the addition of an applicator also are a plus points for me


  • Although the price is quite steep (48,000 won = P1,900+ or 42 USD), I feel that the product is worth it. The palette has a variety of shades ranging from pastels to nudes to earth tones and even a bold shade which makes for endless possibilities for blending and gradation. Plus, I love that there are five (5) textures included in this palette which makes it easy to work with. I strongly recommend this to newbies and even makeup mavens to try and include in their beauty staples. ;)

  • Rating: 5/5

Last of my haul is the Lumilayer Primer Fresh.

The primer is enclosed in a dark, black-blue box that carries VDL's signature logo and look, adding a little mystery to how it really looks inside.

The product is stored inside a lovely glass bottle that lets you see the actual contents. This is very helpful in letting you know how much product you have left.

The glass bottle looks so sleek and sophisticated, making it a chic addition to any makeup pouch.

It looks so attractive that you'd want to show it off. Haha I love how the glass bottle reflects the elegance of the product itself.

  • is a clear moisturizing base that hydrates, illuminates and evens out skin tone while adding clarity and brightness

  • has whitening and anti-aging effects

It comes in a pearly, pinkish cream type that goes translucent in the skin, leaving a subtle sheen.

It's also liquidy and very easy to blend on the skin.

I love that it doesn't leave the face looking all white like other illuminating primer does.

Here's the skin without the VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh.

And here's the skin with it. Due to bad lighting, the one without flash is unrecognizable. :(

Here's a better look with VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh.


  • Texture
    • It has a watery, runny texture that as I've mentioned, is blendable and buildable.
    • lightweight and not as sticky as other brightening primers

  • Pigmentation
    • low, almost none as it's translucent on skin

  • Fragrance
    • very mild, almost smells like those typical shower gels

  •  Packaging
    • has a very elegant and chic glass bottle storage though I wish there was more of the product 


  • It's a very good primer for normal to dry skin as it gives off a dewy, hydrated look on the skin. It also managed to blend well with my cushion foundation (I used Sulwhasoo Even Fair Perfecting Cushion) although it kind of disintegrated and needed touch up after 6-8 hours.

  •  Rating: 4.5 / 5


  1. This is the first time I heard about the brand VDL. You're lucky that you know someone who can ship your Korean haul, it's cheaper that way and you have access to more Korean brands like this one.

    1. This is also the first time I heard VDL brand from korea. I am not really into make up, instead uses skin care products from Etude House. It's definitely worth the price as it provides good quality products.

  2. I'm not really into eyeshadows because my eyelids easily creases but I haven't tried using eye primer yet lol. Maybe if used eye primers it wouldn't crease as much. I would love to try primers though! I had one from Maybelline before but I had breakouts after I used it huhu but that primer looks good! I like that it's watery, not sticky to the face ;)

  3. I like the Shimmery Texture of the eye book and it is amazing that it has 5 textures in it. I wonder how it looks when used in the actual eyes. I agree that it is pricey. I also like the primer bottle. Looks like a nail polish. :)

  4. I haven't heard of this brand before and although I am not really into using eyeshadows, I always find matte shades with a little touch of shimmers pretty. The price is quite high, I have to pass on that.

  5. I haven't heard of this brand before and although I am not really into using eyeshadows, I always find matte shades with a little touch of shimmers pretty. The price is quite high, I have to pass on that.

  6. Your Expert Color Eye Book has a variety of useful colors. When I check on some eyeshadows, there are colors left unused but yours seems to be not just vibrant but useful. Nice to have somebody by your side who supports your make up indulgence.

  7. Korean products seem to be the in-thing these days, and now make ups. I haven't tried any of these and thanks to your blog, I'll consider checking them out when I plan to buy one.

  8. That is a pretty palette sis. This is worthy to save up for. :)

  9. I am so clueless hehe but thanks for sharing!

  10. Korean cosmetics always look so pretty. Loving the colours of the eyeshadow palette - I agree that the pigmentation is just right!

  11. korean makeups are becoming a thing lately, maybe because of the pretty shades and nice packaging! thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm a big fan of Korean skin care but I haven't tried a lot of their make up products yet. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. I love the colors. They're so young and pretty. Those are the colors I play around with for day eye makeup.

  14. This is the first time I heard about VDL. But its products do look great! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Wow, I love eye color palettes. They're very convenient, especially this one you featured here. Not only does it have a variety of colors, there's a variety of textures too!

  16. Wow! I have so many things to learn about make up! haha. The only terms I know are the basic ones. lol.

  17. The pallette is very pretty and I love that the colors are soft.

  18. The palette is the one I can wear for my everyday makeup but it's a bit pricey and out of my budget.