Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blog #59: Korean Makeup Haul - Espoir

Don't you get excited whenever you receive a package you're so looking forward to? In my case, I get super giddy whenever I receive a brand new makeup. Nothing beats seeing  boxes of sealed cosmetics looking up at me from a paper bag or a nice packaging.

Weeks ago, Lara, a good friend of my sister in law, Cath, brought home some lovely haul I asked of her to buy for me during her trip to Korea. Among those are these stunning Espoir goodies.

Espoir is one of those mid to high end brands that are very hard to access if you're not in Korea. Sure there are tons of sellers on eBay that offer the brand's products but like Hera (another high end brand that's pretty inaccessible), they cost so much more than when you get them from the actual store. So when Cath told me that her friend's going to Korea, I grabbed the chance to ask for a favor and have her buy some stuff for me.

It took awhile before I was able to decide what I wanted to buy while browsing Espoir's official website. There are just too many to choose from! But I reminded myself that I should only get what I need and it boiled down to these three essentials:

  • Espoir Pure Radiance Glowrizer

Espoir Pure Radiance Glowrizer

Ok, I admit. The packaging got me. How can you not admire those white and peach pearls inside a slick glass bottle? It was literally screaming for me take it. Go on! Take mah monehhh!

The glorious Glow in a bottle

The Glowrizer claims to:

  • fully hydrate skin with its water-luster gel

    • fresh gel type moisturizing essence that provide a moist glossy skin with instant moisture from more than 60% of hydrating ingredients - key here is moisture. It's very important for me living in a humid country to stock up on moisture without looking greasy

  • brighten skin from pearl and coral capsule
    • white pearl extract pearl capsules and coral powder capsules with 60 kinds of minerals instantly brighten skin tone - woah... that's too much info to digest but as long as there's the word "brighten", I'm in. Haha Seriously though, how much more luxurious can you get than having pearl extracts and coral powder indulging your skin???

  • deliver a primer effect from fine pearly texture and enriched moisturizing
    • a fine pearly texture on fully hydrated skin finishes a freshly-glowing skin tone. Primer effect maximizes a makeup adhesion power - pretty strong words but I like that it functions as a primer as well as I have an issue with how my makeup holds up after awhile. Hope this Glowrizer lives up to its claim.

And here's how the Glowrizer looks on the skin when applied:


  • Espoir Face Slip Hydrating Liquid Foundation

    • this moist liquid foundation supplies a comfortable coverage, ethereal look and the sensation of smooth silk - agree on comfortable coverage and smooth silky texture. When I tried this foundation for the first time, I remember being impressed at how thin and comfortable it feels on my skin. I also love how it made my skin look velvety-smooth with a hint of dew.

Here's how I look with the Face Slip Foundation:

Yes, I'm carrying a different makeup. Haha

My face wearing Face Slip Foundation with flash 

  • Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream


  • it's a fresh, hydrating sun cream that guards skin against sun damage and environmental aggressors - it's only this year that I've come to realize the importance of a good sunscreen so I'm stocking up on impressive ones. I have the Laneige Sun Block Supreme which I love (except for the slightly sticky feel it leaves) and now, I've added this baby to my collection. It's now part of my staples inside my makeup kit because of how light and comfortable it feels on the skin.

Over-all, I'm happy with this haul. I've tried two out of the three products above and I'm sold on it (a much thorough and extensive review on these coming up) even if Espoir in general has pretty steep pricing. I say you get your money's worth. ;)


  1. Wow! the shades and finish look nice! too bad I'm not so much into make up anymore - but hey, I might give this brand a try soon!

  2. I like how the shades look so natural or nude. I also love it when I get new beauty products, even if I'm not a cosmetics fan, it makes me want to try them all. =)

  3. Love the packaging nga! I'm curious about the sun cream. Is it humid weather-friendly? I need one that won't make me sweat!

  4. Subok na talaga Korea sa beauty products, I wonder why? :D

  5. I'm not familiar with this brand but I have to admit I'm very intrigued by that Glowrizer. Haha! Can those with oily skin still use that product or will it make the face even more oily?

  6. Oh I love the shades and its beautiful... I'm curious about the espoir.

  7. OMG, I got lost from the beginning. My "beauty" routine (if you can call it that) only consists of facial wash and toner; my make up consists of pressed powder, concealer, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and lip balm. (I don't even wear lipstick - well, only on occasions that I have to which is rare nowadays). I need to catch up on all these things, well, at least the know-hows and the jargons. :)

  8. What a lovely haul! The Espoir Pure Radiance Glowrizer interests me.

  9. The glowrizer is interesting. You are amazing with your passion with all these beauty products. This is the reason why you look so pretty.

  10. Wow nice haul!!! I love Korean Cosmetics too kasi they're formulated for Asian skin like us.

  11. First time to hear about Espoir brand but it looks promising ha. I love the luxurious packaging!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  12. I think I encountered this brand when I went to Korea but I was unable to buy some to try.

  13. A lot of ladies love Korean cosmetics {and a host of other Korean stuff, too!} and for good reasons I am sure. I have yet to try one, though. A friend gave me samples of a popular Korean beauty brand and am still contemplating on whether to use them or not!