Saturday, July 16, 2016

Blog #58: Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar - Swatch & First Impressions

Hello beauties! After getting busy with other stuff, I'm back to share with you my initial thoughts and swatches for the new product of Laneige. It's the Two Tone Shadow Bar and yes, it's revolutionary and first of its kind.

The Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar is a stick-type of creamy eyeshadow that's fitted inside a long, rectangular tube but that's now what makes it revolutionary. The tube contains two complementary colors that you can apply at the same time, giving your lids a solid, gradient effect.

Here are some tips on how to use them:

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try this new product when I received their Spring 2016 K-Beauty Box that contained all four of the Two Tone Shadow Bar.

Guys, they're sooo beautiful! As in not only the packaging but the actual shades are to die for!!!

  • Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar in #2 Golden Rose

  • Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar in #4 Coffee Bronze

  • Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar in #3 Orange Island and  #1 Humming Coral

Here I am wearing two out of the four shades of the Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar.

  • Humming Coral on the eyes ( with Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Juicy Pop on the lips)

  • Orange Island on the eyes and cheeks (with Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Orange Blurring on the lips)

Now, onto the swatches:

Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash

First Impressions:

  • Texture

    • Hmmm... the texture is a little weird. When I first applied the Shadow Bar on my arm, it felt creamy but it doesn't smudge as easily as a normal eye shadow with a creamy formula would. It actually stick to the skin and you'll need to rub it hard to get rid of it. But when I tried applying it on the eyes, it had a creamier texture which tend to crease and I guess it's because my lids get oily easily compared to the arms. With that being said, I suggest you use a high quality eye primer or keep your lids matte (dust with powder) before applying these babies. Since it also has a creamy texture, I was able to use it as blush as well. I used the Orange Island as a cheek stain and blending it on the cheeks was relatively easy and gave off a natural peach flush (see pic).

  • Color

    • Hands down the prettiest shades I've seen in a stick shadow! Coffee Bronze has an elegant yet subtle smoky eye effect while Orange Island just gives your look a fresh and youthful aura. And Humming Coral? Love love how it gives off a chic, sophisticated and vibrant pop to my eyes! I have yet to try the Golden Rose but based on the swatch, I think it has potential to be fave shade of mine. 

  • Pigmentation

    • This one is the only con I can say for this product. It's not as pigmented as its Two Tone Lip Bar counterpart but considering these will be used on my eyes, I guess it being not as pigmented as the lip bar makes it a lot easier to blend. Plus, I won't have to worry about re-doing my eye makeup and ending up looking like a sad raccoon. haha :D

Now having said all these, I think this product will take some time to get use too. It'll grow on you with more practice. Expect to encounter a few setbacks (especially for those with oily skin type like myself) but with practice and proper eye prep, you'll be able to get the hang of using and blending this product into a beautiful, elegant gradient. The effect it gives off once you've blended the product properly is just stunning. So I recommend you watch some YouTube vids to get an idea how bloggers maximize the use of this product. ;)


  1. Looking at the packaging, I thought it is lipstick. Nice packaging for eyeshadow, I like the golden rose.

  2. Looks really good on you! Love it! Easy eyeshadow application in less than 10secs! Awesome packaging as well ;)

  3. Oh no! Ako din may pagka-oily. It looks so good though! I envy you, you have so many Laneige products! Thank you for sharing! At least when I see it next time I'll remember your review and will buy if my oily eyelids can handle it haha :D

  4. I like the shades that are in the peach to orange side. They usually look best on my skin. I tend to shy away from deep reds or bright reds.

  5. I remember reading about their 2-toned lippies from you. I'm surprised that they also have them as eye shadow. The idea and application does take a bit of getting used to but I really like the effect.

  6. I think I need this as I'm hopeless when it comes to blending eyeshadow hahaha. Love the shades of Humming Coral and Coffee Bronze!

  7. Wow! Didn't know they have eyeshadows now ;) Will try Coffee Bronze!

  8. Nice packaging! And shade too! Will try them soon. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh wow! I was thinking "What's a shadow bar?" I have stopped updating myself with make up after leaving corpo. I'm surprised to see this product. Love the effect.

  10. They look really good on you! :) I don't know if I can give justice to this product if I buy it, lol. I'm not good when it comes to make up.

  11. I thought they were lipsticks, haha. The shades look great on you, well as for me I don't really fancy corals.. id go for Coffee Bronze instead :)

  12. Love the coffee bronze. Seems too easy to apply as well and yes, they all look pretty!

  13. Omg.. I haven't moved on from your last post of the two toned lippie.. And now, this again.. I'm having a heart attack! Hahaha! These are gorgeous. Where can I get samples of these? Hahaha!

  14. Oohh, I'm more interested in this compared to the two-tone lip bar. I'd LOVE to try this. All the shades are very wearable. How much are these?

  15. Looks good on you! Especially the lipsticks! I really want to to try the two toned lipsticks! Eh meron din palang eyeshadow na ganyan.

  16. Wow! As a makeup artist, this will definitely helps to save time when doing someone's makeup. Will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I thought that these two tone bars are actually lipstick for easier ombre effect on the lips. I have got to try this, I am in love with eyeshadows! this is really perfect for working ladies on the go! just a few swipes and bam! eyeshadow done! now if only there's a similar product for the eyeliner hahahah

  18. I have to get around to trying these out soon!