Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blog #39: Kiss & Blush (Banila Co. The Kissest Lip Lacquer Review)

Getting a perfect pout and a natural flush to your cheeks with just one product is possible, right? 

But getting a liquid lipstick and cushion blusher coverage with just one tube? Are you kidding me?

This was the claim of Banila Co. Philippines' make-up artist during their Glorietta 4 opening last year and while she was explaining useful functions of this product, I remember thinking, I'll just buy it 'coz it's pretty. haha Because seriously, how can you pass a make-up with a gorgeous packaging like this?

With its chic grafitti-filled packaging, the Kissest Lip Lacquer wins the visual game!

That brings me to a confessional, yes, visuals matter to me. Sometimes (or most of the time), I grab a make-up item just because it has super pretty or cute packaging. It makes sense though since brands spend millions of money collaborating with different artists, brands, etc. to  bring us the prettiest packaging a girl wouldn't be able to resist. Sometimes you'll just buy it because it'll look pretty displayed in your vanity or it'll be fab having it inside your make-up purse. Or just because...

Banila Co. Fall In Seoul The Kissest Lip Lacquer Satin Fit

Anyway, this product has two finish: tinted and satin and three different shades. 

Luckily the two lacquers I got are of two different finishes. First up is the one with the satin finish, Hongdae Pink.

Actual swatch of Banila Co. Fall In Seoul The Kissest Lip Lacquer Satin Fit in Hongdae Pink

TEXTURE: has a rich, velvety feel to it that blends into a regular pink shade once spread with your fingers. Close to liquid lipstick formula

SHADE: bright purplish pink / bright magenta

SCENT: the scent reminds me of a milder Chapstick

PACKAGING: carries the signature Fall In Seoul design with purple background color

Hongdae Pink without flash
Hongdae Pink with Flash

Here's how we can make our lips smaller with Hongdae Pink:

The Kissest Lip Lacquer Hongdae Pink on the inside of the lips

Spread out the tint with finger

Add more tint on the center inner lips only

Purse lips together

And viola! Gradient lips it is.

How about full lips?

Spread smoothly on the lips using the applicator.

Ooh... I love how vivid the color is! 

The other lip lacquer I got has tinted finish, the Garosu Magenta.

TEXTURE: compared to Hongdae Pink, this has more of a watery-runny texture although it's noticeably richer compared to other lipgloss. 

SHADE: reddish-brown / burgundy

SCENT: like Hongdae Pink, the scent reminds me of a milder Chapstick

PACKAGING: carries the signature Fall In Seoul design with pink background color

Banila Co. Fall In Seoul The Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit in Garosu Magenta without flash

Banila Co. Fall In Seoul The Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit in Garosu Magenta with flash

As you can see, this shade is deeper than Hongdae Pink. 

Swatch of The Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit in Garosu Magenta

For those who are hoping for a deep reddish-purple shade, this is not for you. It's more reddish-brown and can look bold when not blended properly.

Excuse the hairy arms. :D

Garosu Magenta when blended with flash

And here's how Garosu Magenta looked when applied on the lips.

How about we get bolder, fuller lips?

Here's a make-up tutorial I did especially for you guys. :D

Now, let's move on to the other function this product supposedly does which is give off a nice flush. For this, I worked with Banila Co. Prime Primer Blur as the make-up base.

STEP 1: Squeeze out a pea-sized amount of Primer Blur and a small vertical swipe of The Kissest Lip Lacquer.

STEP 2: Mix the two to make one evenly spread out color.

STEP 3: Pat three vertical dots using your finger on the area you want to color.

STEP 4: Pat with cushion puff covering the desired area until color is well blended on skin like this!

Hmm... not bad at all!

Over-all, I believe this product is worth its price. I was a pessimist at first but thank god I tried using it for its other purpose and now I use it more often. I love how silky it feels when applied and how intense the color pay-off is. It doesn't have a strong scent and doesn't feel sticky at all, as if I'm just wearing regular tint with the coverage of a liquid lipstick!

So I say, get it. Just for its packaging and its pretty colors, go grab it. It's limited edition, guys!



  1. I like those pink shades especially the magenta! This brand looks interesting.. il check this out:)

    1. It is! The brand prides itself in having the most-awarded bases and gorgeous colored-palettes and lippies. ♡ I also love that most of their colors are deep toned instead of princessy-types like Etude House.

  2. The product looks great on you. It's nice to know that you are sharin this type of brand too.

    1. Thanks! They just arrive late last year and I was so psyched to share the news with everyone since I'm a big fan of Banila Co. :)

  3. I just love that blush on your cheeks. And the magenta lip tint is pretty on you, too.

    1. Thanks! These are two great contrasting colors that are multitasking. :)

  4. These are great tints! I wan to try some of their shades na din!

    1. Give it a try! They have pop up stores in Glorietta 4 and Landmark Trinoma. :)

  5. I love how vibrant the shades are.Yes pretty packaging is veeeeery tempting!

    1. Pretty packaging is a big plus! The quality is very good too.

  6. Super love the packaging and your shades are perfect for everyday use. Might consider getting one for myself. :)

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

    1. Go try them! They have an IG account ---> @banilacoph so you can see their product line up. :)

  7. Love lippies but not bright tinted ones. It looka great on you though. :)

    1. Thanks! I've always loved vivid hues but if you're looking for neutral, subdued ones, you can also try their Bokchon Beige from this line which is a pretty nude/baby pink shade. :)

  8. Been hearing more and more about this brand. Great detailed review and very helpful for make up newbies like me.

  9. I love pink lipsticks, but sometimes they don't look good to me. I will consider this brand if I need a new lipstick.

  10. Give it a try! It's a tint with the color pay-off of lipstick. :D

  11. the color is really nice + if you can use it as a lippie + a cheek tint, all the better! gives more value for your money + will make life a lot simpler for make up noobs like me! :)