Friday, December 4, 2015

Blog #37: Make-up Review - Banila Co. Fall In Seoul Eye Shadow Palette

If there's one thing I hate the most with eye shadows, it's the low pigmentation. You know that struggle when you rub your fingers so hard on the palette yet the color pay-off is beyond recognizable? I hate that. I really really hate that! (Can you feel my wrath? hahaha)

So will Banila Co. Fall In Seoul Eye Shadow Palette let me down like all the others that have come and gone? Let's see.

The prettily-packaged Fall In Seoul Eye Shadow Palette

Banila Co. just came out with probably the prettiest eye shadow shades in one palette - the Fall In Seoul Eye Shadow Palette in Garosu Feminine.

The prettiest shades in one palette - Banila Co. Fall In Seoul Eye Shadow Palette in Garosu Feminine

Look at that beauty! The shades are a mix of pinks, purple and browns that perfect for a romantic date with our significant other or a casual meet-up with girlfriends. There are also two each of matte, semi-shimmer and high-shimmer shadows.

Swatch of Garosu Feminine in Flash Photography

Beauties, I cannot tell you enough how pretty these shades are. They're like calling us to go back to our younger, more vibrant us!

Before applying the eye shadows of course I have to take a BEFORE photo. (Pardon the almost bare face.)

ARGH!!! Pale as a vampire!

Okay. Let's move on quickly from that and into my... TUTORIAL! Yes, I know I've said I wouldn't put my first tutorial of this palette because I'm such a noob but as they say, practice makes perfect (or in my case, makes me better at it) so... here it is!

How was it??? Come on, you guys can be honest with me. I know I'm not Pony level when it comes to applying make-up so I can sincerely accept your objective criticisms. Just be gentle, okay? ;>

Here I'm sharing with you some captures of my made-up face.

Zoom in.

And here's a little something I'd like to call my beauty in motion. Please pardon my vanity. haha XD

The verdict:

  1. Packaging - as with any other Fall In Seoul product, this one's a winner. It's the type you'll proudly display in your vanity corner, where it's really in front.
  2. Color - hands down the most gorgeous shades in an eye shadow palette for me. Love the mixture of pinks, purple and browns.
  3. Type -  I love that the palette has three kinds of shadows: matte, semi-shimmer and high-shimmer. It creates a stunning gradient and dimension to my look.
  4. Fragrance - it has a weird scent that doesn't remind me of make-up at all. I can't put my finger where I smelled it but it's familiar.
  5. Texture - the shimmer shadows have a somewhat creamy, soft texture while the matte ones are more solid.
  6.  Pigmentation - I have no complaints when it comes to shimmer shadows' pigmentation. The problem, however, is in the matte ones. Since their texture is more solid than the shimmers, the tendency is to exert more effort in getting the exact amount of color I want. The color pay off for the shimmer shadows is amazing. The color I see on the palette is the same when applied.
  7. Price - the palette's 1,440 pesos or roughly $31.50. It's a bit pricey considering the cost of other eye shadow palette's in PH's beauty market but I feel it's reasonable since 1) it's from Korea, the mecca of beauty and 2) the shades and the packaging are amazing.

Final verdict: 4.5 / 5

Although I super love the colors and the shimmer shadows are a dream to apply, I was just a tiny bit disappointed with the texture and pigmentation of the matte ones. Then again it's probably because they're that, matte which means they are more solid and flat in texture.

Over-all, I recommend that you, beauties, give this a try for the shades alone. Where can you find a color palette like this baby? The shimmer shadows are a bonus too.

So head on over to Banila Co. PH's pop up store at the second floor of Glorietta 4. They're beside Jipan and are pretty pink so they're pretty hard to miss. Also follow their official IG, @banilacoph and their FB page, Banila Co. Philippines.


  1. I don't always wear make-up because I don't know how. All I knew is how to put cheek tint, lipstick and face powder. So I'm really amaze whenever I see make-up tutorial.

  2. Same here, don't know much about make up. SO. haha! Not sure if I should start learning, or what. I will see. hehe. I have friends who are so much younger than me and are amazing with make up like you!

  3. The shades are really dolly pretty. Wonderful wear to an all girl friends party... really nice! Price is a bit high though.

  4. I like that it's an all-in-one palette. It has every shade that I would need for a date night with my hubby, casual weekends and formal events. If only it's not that expensive....

  5. Nice colors! It is good that the nicest and most used colors are in one pallete but it is indeed pricey.

  6. Love the packaging and the colors! I'm more into neutral colors though so I don't how I'll make these vibrant colors work for me. Lol

  7. I love reading reviews of beauty products, like this. Unfortunately, I'm not really into eye shadows; dunno how to do them. Lol!

  8. Good for you for being able to put on an eye make-up! You look pretty on those shades. If I would try to put some eye make-up, I'd be mistaken into a zombie. Seriously! Haha I really do not know how to blend colors and determine how much is enough. So yeah. Disaster. Lol

  9. I haven't tried this brand as I'm not very adept with personal makeup, but I see that you are. Wish I can learn to make my eyebrows look like that!

  10. You're lucky because you have beautiful set of eyes! Mine is surrounded with fine wrinkles and has dark circles. I even have super few eyelashes. And putting on eyeshadow makes these flaws more obvious so I do away with it. Nice colors, anyway!

  11. I've just recently purchased a Kat Von D palette and I am so excited. Great job with applying the eyeshadow. :)

  12. Those 6 shades look really stylish. I haven't tried any Korean brands of makeup yet. I'm kinda loyal to one brand which is Revlon. Since the texture and the coverage around the eyes are vivid, I might consider trying one of these palettes. I'm so used to very dark shades. I guess I should try some lighter ones from time to time. =)

  13. I seriously dont know how to put eye shadow. When I was still in the corporate world, my officemate usually do my makeup. LOL