Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blog #34: PH Loves Banila Co (Store Launch)

When you see Song Ji Hyo's image up on a pink canvas, you know Banila Co has officially arrived!

Korean actress and host, Song Ji Hyo, popularly known from "Running Man

And when you see stylishly-clad Koreans working hard to polish a Korean beauty brand's pop up store, you know you'll be in for an amazing beauty experience.

Not to take anything away from us, Filipinos but South Koreans are well-known to be big fanatics of beauty and they take the extra mile when it comes to beautifying themselves, hence, the rise of K-beauty all over the world.

Banila Co's on their 10th year and still going strong

I found out about the arrival of the brand from their IG, @banilacoph and had no second thoughts of attending their launch!

The image posted on Banila Co PH's official IG: @banilacoph

Even if it meant lining up for more than an hour and struggling with one hand selfies. Haha

Beauties lined up to get the first glimpse of Banila Co's premium products

I wasn't bored that much though since Heena, a very stylish young woman from Banila Co Korea's team, came by for a short chit chat with me. She shared how the hellish traffic in Metro Manila caught her completely off guard and was the reason that the store opened later than expected (they were supposed to open by 12 noon but had to move to 1:30 PM). She also complimented my make-up and said that their Korean MUA, Kim Kang Pil, noticed how "korean" my make-up was. She's seriously pretty! A lot of customers got starstruck with her and thought she was Song Ji Hyo!

Heena and I took selfies on our phones to pass time while waiting

After more than an hour of waiting, the store finally opened! And guess who's first on the line??? Myself of course! Yes, obviously I wasn't that excited to get first dibs on Banila Co's make-up but as they say, the early bird gets the early worm because I got myself a GC worth 1,000 to shop on!

It's better to be early than late

Beauties from all ages who were united in lining up, were divided into different sections of the store once it opened.

Entering the store was dizzying. I was like a kid let loose inside a candy store. 

The skin care line has some pretty packaging and witty names like Claypatra.

These products will make you want to do the whole skin care routine from toner to essences

They also have tons of masks that cater to a wide range of skin needs like moisture, radiance, hydration, anti-aging and more.

There are a lot to choose from! You can make this a weekly habit.

Probably their most popular line, the Clean It Zero has its own shelves which display its various types of cleansers. I've been hearing and seeing a lot of raves about Clean It Zero, how it effectively cleanses the skin without drying it so I'll definitely give it a try once my Laneige Pore Cleansing Oil is done.

And of course, how can I forget their lip line? I'm so lippie-obsessed that it's the first thing that caught my eyes while I was surveying the store.

A whole line of lippies and palettes are a girl's dream

They share a whole shelf with Banila Co's famous bases.

From moisturizing, to covering and blurring, Banila Co has the finest line of make-up bases

Getting to see these amazing products up close is incredible but what's more amazing is getting first dibs on them!

L to R: Fall In Seoul Seoulish Cushion Foundation, Fall In Seoul Eye Shadow Palette, Fall In Seoul The Kisses Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit and Prime Primer Blur

Thanks to Banila Co Philippines, I was able to have my hands on their limited edition Seoulish Collection that consists of: 
  1. Cushion Foundation BE20
  2. Eye Shadow Palette in Garosu Feminine
  3. The Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit in two shades: Garosu Magenta and Hongdae Pink

This is their special Fall collection that's both lovely and chic. I love that they name the products after famous areas in Seoul. And I must say the packaging is sooo chic and eye-catching! This line is perfect for my Fall Beauty review which will be coming up in a few.

I also got the amazing blurring base with the 1000 GC I received and I have no regrets. I've been meaning to buy a Face Blur product but for some reasons, I never did until yesterday.

To cap off the event, Banila Co Korea's MUA, Kim Kang Pil did a make-up demo on a Filipina model. Watching him work his magic was so hypnotizing. His hands work like a machine!

Over-all, the launch was a success. There was a decent turn out, considering that Banila Co's not as famous here in the Philippines as its competitors. Got to give it to both Banila Co Korea and PH for their hard work marketing the launch via their social media platforms.

So if you happen to pass by Glorietta or near the area, don't forget to drop by Banila Co's pop up store at the Glorietta 4 beside Sakura and Jipan. Like and follow their social media accounts to know more about their upcoming events and product launches at Banila Co. Philippines and @banilacoph.

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