Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blog #36: Matte-Dewy Skin: Banila Co. Fall In Seoul Seoulish Cushion (Review)

Beauties, how does matte-dewy skin sound to you? Is this even possible???

This is the question that I want to find the answer to by trying Banila Co.'s newest cushion, Fall In Seoul Seoulish Cushion. This is the cushion foundation that's part of Banila Co's new limited edition line, Fall In Seoul Seoulish.

The cushion comes in two, one ready for use and a refill.

Unlike other cushions, the sponge on this one's covered and instead, there are holes where the foundation will come out once squeezed.

This is a first for me. I've own a lot of cushions wherein the blue applicator has direct contact with the sponge.

The cushion has a liquid foundation texture rather than a BB Cream. This is actually the darkest shade out of the three variants, BE20.

Here's how it looks when applied at the back of the hand.

As you can see, the foundation is more on the matte side compared to other cushions that are very dewy/moist. Here's another look with flash.

Their darkest shade is still a bit fair for "morena" (dark-skinned) women like me. I suggest dusting off a darker powder to neutralize the color.

But this is the back of the hand. Let's see how it will look then when applied on the face.

Here's my skin without the Banila Co. Fall In Seoul Seoulish cushion. (Oh god those pores and dark spot. -_-)

And here's how my skin looked after applying the cushion.

Holy shit! Is that really my skin???

Oh yeah. That's definitely my face. haha

So what's the verdict?

  • Packaging -  awesome! Carrying the signature Fall In Seoul Seoulish design and having a cover with holes is an ingenious innovation to an otherwise messy cushion application. I love that I can control the amount of foundation I want to apply and the clean up is very easy.

  • Shade - a bit lighter than my skin tone. Must use lightly or else I'll end up looking like a vampire. haha

  • Texture - not too heavy, not too light. I say it's alright. I didn't feel anything tight feeling or itch when applied.

  • Coverage - full coverage! Although it wasn't able to cover much of my pores, I love how it easily corrected my skin tone, hiding the dark spots of my skin.

  • Effect - a skin that's matte when applied and gradually becoming dewy. This is perfect for me since I have oily skin. No need for me to dust on powder or compact.


It's definitely a leap above the other cushions because... 

  • the foundation's contained inside a secured container without direct contact with the applicator

  • there are holes which release the foundation. You can control the amount that goes on your applicator.

  • clean up's a breeze! You can just wipe the remaining foundation with your sponge and there'll be no more leak.

  • it's matte that becomes dewy which is perfect for my skin type

Only con is that even the darkest shade is still at least one or two shades lighter than my skin tone which is a bit of a let down for me. :( I do recommend this to those with light to medium skin tone. The formulation is fantastic and doesn't need much of touch ups!

You can grab this beauty at the first pop up store of Banila Co. Philippines at the Glorietta 4 beside Sakura and Jipan. Drop by soon to see their other amazing products!


  1. I agree with the verdict, the packaging is really nice and the photos show the improvement on your skin tone. :)

  2. Looks good nga! And cute packaging! ;) How much does it cost though? And does it stay the whole day and doesn't oil up? :)

  3. Cute packaging and color does blend well applied. I do have same concern as Coi, would also like to know if it stays long on the skin and doesn't oil or cake up. Thanks.

  4. I never knew matte-dewy can be possible! I love the effect of it on your face; I'm morena too so I'll probably mix it with darker foundation. How much is it?

  5. Cushions are all the raves nowadays no, your skin looks like velvety soft! Banila Co is a good brand and I want to try this product soon

  6. I've been using the one of Laneige and I'm super in love with it but I like how the packaging of this one protects the product. Seems cleaner :)

  7. Sounds like benefit's big easy! Although this one looks nicer because it has a cute packaging.

  8. This is intriguing! I usually use powder lang. Pero seeing how your skin looked after you applied it, it looks promising. Plus cute pa ang packaging!

  9. The cushion really cute and it's unique. This is perfect for any occasion.

  10. The packaging is super nice and kikay! :) I don't know much about beauty/make up products but based on your review, this looks like a quality product.

  11. Looks promising! I've heard about Banila Co's products lately but haven't tried any of them yet. I love that this one has full coverage. I could use this!

  12. The cuteness factor is a great plus! I wonder how much it is though.

  13. I guess this cushion will work for me since I have an oily skin, too. How much does it cost?

  14. This cushion might work for me since I have an oily skin, too. How much does it cost, by the way?

  15. This cushion might work for me since I have an oily skin, too. How much does it cost?

  16. It looks wow! I love this parang it will cover all my dark circles and all that

  17. Agree on the packaging and the great coverage. Been looking for a replacement and i may consider this. Wonder though how much? Thanks.

  18. I haven't tried any product from Banila co. yet but this sounds like something I would love to check out personally.

  19. Cute packaging!!! Banila Co is love. And anything Korean for make up and skin care is really, really love.