Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blog #33: Laneige x Playnomore Jet Curling Mascara Review

This is the first time I tried using a mascara with short bristles and the result shocked me.

The Jet Curling Mascara is part of the PLAYNOMORE SHYGIRL VIP kit sent to bloggers and media. 

I was skeptic when I first opened the tube. It has short bristles which I'm not used to. 

Hmm... how will it fair on my lashes?

It wasn't what I expected. I was thinking since the bristles are short, it won't be able to curl my lashes that much but surprise, surprise! Hello, long lashes!

This is coming from a girl with broken lashes. My natural lashes tend to be short from improper removal of mascara so seeing my lashes this lush made me so happy!

Love that it was easy to separate my lashes although some still stubbornly attach to each other. :( 

And the height! Can you just see how high my lashes are curled???

SCENT: It has the normal mascara scent but not painful on the nose

TEXTURE: Liquidy; not at all sticky (probably because it's new)

COLOR: Jet Black

WATERPROOF: Yes. I didn't encounter any smudge while wearing it. Also pretty long lasting. Hard to remove using facial cleanser though. I recommend to use cleansing cream or oil to remove the mascara thoroughly.

CLAIM TO FAME: Mascara with Air Gel Formula gives perfect curls to short, weak eyelashes. It is waterproof-based, allowing it to last long without smudging.

OVER-ALL THOUGHTS: I agree that it works wonders on short lashes having one myself. I also recommend this to mascara virgins since it's pretty easy to apply and dries fast. I mostly love it for the naturally-curled lashes it gives off, as if I just used a super amazing eyelash curler and I don't need an eyeliner to open up my eyes. :)

RATING: 4.8 / 5