Friday, October 2, 2015

Blog #32: Laneige X Playnomore Intense Lip Gel (Coral Souffle)

I admit it, I'm a sucker for lippies. Lipstick, lipgloss, liptint, lipbalm... I want them all. So when Laneige sent over their Playnomore Shy Darling VIP kit, my eyes gravitated towards their lipgel.

Oh gosh. I can't take my eyes off of them. That awesome Playnomore package and the translucent bottom that lets you get a sneak peak on what shade you're gonna get.

I received two Intense Lip Gels and I'll first review shade #5 Coral Souffle.

Color: Reddish-orange

Scent: Has a citrus scent, like oranges which I really liked

Texture: Not as sticky as other lipgloss. Goes on very smooth

I was surprised at how vivid this lipgel is that even after I roughly tissue off the product from my hand, there's still a hint of it.

Here's my attempt at actual application of the lipgel. Please don't be distracted by the wide forehead. haha

Application: Such a breeze! This is probably the ultimate reason I enjoyed using this lipgel. My issue with other lipgloss is that I need to re-apply in order to get the right shade but this one has such an intense color that I only needed a few swipes to achieve the look that I wanted!

Final Verdict: 4.9!!! This is officially my favorite lipgloss! One advice though, apply BB Cream or Cushion Foundation all over lips first before applying the gel to get a vivid shade.

Review on Laneige X Playnomore Shy Darling VIP Jet Curling Mascara up next!


  1. Aww, such a cute packaging. The glossy look suits you a lot, beautiful :-)

    1. Thanks, Belle. I super like the packaging and the actual gloss. :)