Monday, September 28, 2015

Blog #31: Laneige X Playnomore BB Cushion Product Review

Laniege granted one of my wishes when they sent over their Limited Edition Laneige X Playnomore Shy Darling VIP kit which I've been drooling over for awhile now.

First up on a series of product demos and reviews is the BB Cushion.

Laneige BB Cushion gets an upgrade in this cute packaging!

The packaging is awesome with Playnomore's signature stickers and a metallic red highlight.

I got Natural Beige which I thought at first will be very light on my skin.

Turned out it's a bit darker than I thought!

Love that it blends well with my skin.

But! I still haven't forgotten that unfortunate case of flashback. If you backtrack on my previous posts, you'll see a blog on that topic. It's that sad light face, dark neck dilemma we usually get when our foundation doesn't blend well with our necks then get photographed with flash.

There's still that unfortunate gradient but the white's not as visible compared to other BB or Cushion Foundation with high SPF (usually around 30 to 50).

After showing you the packaging and swatch of this BB Cushion, it's time to share with you a demo of this baby. WARNING: I'll be posting my bare face photo (no make-up, no primer, no filter and no edits) to give you an idea of the coverage of the product.

Ahh... I'm baring my naked face for y'all to see. Notice the big pimple on my forehead, large pores and a lot of scattered dark spots? Yeah, I wasn't born with a flaw-free skin but babies like BB Cushion help me cover them up pretty good! So now, it's my turn to help you beauties out there who have the same issues as I. Here's a demo I did of applying Laneige X Playnomore Shy Darling BB Cushion. It's up to 720dp for maximum viewing pleasure. ;)

How was the video? I know I'm still an amateur at these home videos but I think I'm improving a bit. Haha Anyway, let's take a look again at my before and after beauty shot.

BEFORE: Lots of skin problems and discoloration

AFTER: No filter, HD quality

And here are more AFTER shots!

AFTER: My pimples on the forehead has been covered pretty good and my skin tone's now even.

AFTER: Auto quality photo

So here come's the verdict. Laneige BB Cushion scores fairly high on coverage and feel. It covers better than Sulwhasoo and Missha and almost on the same field with Iope. It also feels light on the skin, almost as lightweight as Sulwhasoo. The downside of it though is its longevity. It lasted up to 5 hours without re-touch which is same with Missha but not as long as Iope and Sulwhasoo. I recommend this though to beauties who have skin discoloration or acne issues since its coverage is great!



  1. Looks like an amazing BB cushion to try out with high coverage. Thanks for sharing detailed pics and videos.

  2. Thanks, Belle. Yep, it's amazing how it managed to cover my glaring zits and some redness without the use of concealer. Go try it! 👍