Monday, September 21, 2015

Blog #29: Revisiting Korea with My Seoulmate (Day 1)


I'm here to share some of the memories from my second trip to Seoul, South Korea this time with my hubby, Archie. :) My first trip was awesome but my second trip was so memorable since it was our honeymoon.

April 15, 2014

The day we landed in Seoul, South Korea as Mr. and Mrs. Reyes!

The only decent shot I have of Incheon Airport since I was still stunned by the beauty of the airport plus it's Taeyeon.

A candid shot of hubby since he's camera shy!

He's so excited and he just can't hide it! He's about to lose control and I think I like it!

Ahh... such a refreshing view - clean and green road of Incheon

Ooh... cherry blossoms to welcome Spring! So lovely!!!
Okay. Let's just leave it at that.

I snapped a few shots on our way to our hotel. I got so excited and thought this building was KBS but tenenen...

Why you not KBS???

Then there's Lotte Department Store which was near our hotel.

And finally, we arrived at Hotel Skypark Myeongdong 3. I booked this hotel since I had an awesome experience here the last time my friends and I went to Seoul plus the fact that it's in front of a subway station. That definitely pleased hubby!

And here he is resting happily in our room! Gotta recharge that phone for unlimited snapping.

Our first agenda after settling in was to explore the streets of Myeongdong which is just a few seconds walk from our hotel (it's right at the back of our hotel). Myeongdong is one of South Korea's busiest places since it's filled with a lot of shops ranging from clothes, accessories, sports, bags, beauty shops and practically anything and everything under the sun! There are also loads of designer brand shops here like MCM, Zara, F21, Lloyd as well as local boutiques that looked amazing. I noticed though that majority of the shops were selling beauty products.

Aww... look at that bright smile and the fierce look of the lady behind him.

Every corner's filled with cutesy stores and fashionistas and among these cuties were make-up boutiques! My k-beauty hopping began with Club Clio. 

Who can resist a store with a life-sized Sandara Park standee??? 

Next stop is Innisfree! Sorry, I just can't resist snapping a shot with my gal pal, Yoona. ;)

And of course the crowd favorite, Etude House! When Princess-like sales assistants go up to you with a bright smile and an outstretched hand offering you a basket, you immediately haul.

After all the walking and hauling, we got tired and found ourselves a lunch spot! 

M Plaza which is beside a huge Forever 21 shop has a wide variety of good restaurants to choose from. We decided to try a Korean BBQ place which we cannot decipher its Korean name but serves totally kick-ass BBQ!

This restaurant rekindled my love affair with Welchs which I completely forgot.

Here we are doing some obligatory lovey dovey poses! Actually it was more of me forcing him to do it. hahahaha

After lunch, we did some strolling before returning to our hotel for a quick nap then off to dinner at Han's Deli! It was an accidental discovery. We were looking for a cheaper place to dine in since we already splurged during lunch. We saw this cute sign that looks promising so we decided to go up the steep steps and into this cozy, "barkada-friendly" place.

It was love at first bite. Han's Deli had the best cutlet and chicken BBQ. Plus their serving is humongous!

After posting our picture on FB, my friend from BPI, JM, commented that he and his friends also ate at Han's Deli just a few moments before we came in, that he was just strolling in Myeongdong thus becoming an instant reunion!

After a brief meet up with JM, we walked the streets of Myeongdong again. The night lights and the busy buzz of the people walking here is just incredible. The street's so alive!

All the walking got me craving for something sweet. Then this cute shop greeted me. What a great way to end the night!

Day 2 on my next blog! 

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