Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blog #24: Make-Catastrophe No. 1 - No Flash 제발!

Hello fellow K-Stylers! I'm here yet again to share some stuff from my dresser. This time, I'll be addressing an issue I'm sure most of us have encountered this nightmare: you enter your favorite beauty shop. See a new Cushion Foundation with a cute packaging. Test on your skin and it's too light but you but it anyway since it's too cute to pass. Go home and include in your collection. Wake up, take a bath, face the mirror and apply the Cushion, take selfies with flash and scan your pics only to see a gradient skin like APink Bomi:

OH MY LORD! What the hell is that visible line that cuts my face and neck? Why am I only glowing from the chin up? I've added three layers of foundation on my neck! What the heck?!? Flash, why you my anti???

APINK Bomi at a Laneige Event

APINK Bomi Flashing the Perfect Gradient Skin at the Laneige Event

Hyuna Showing Off Her Flashback Face

Hyuna with Immaculate White Face and Beige Neck

Calm down. It happens even to the best of us. Even KPOP stars get it. There's actually a name for it, the Flashback. No, it's not the pictures you upload during Thursday, it's the white face, a visible part of a person's face that's whiter than everything else. It happens when you get your picture taken with flash because the light reflects off your face hence, the Flashback. BB Creams and Cushion Foundations have high SPF, usually 30 - 50 and high SPF increases the risk of getting a Flashback.

How to avoid getting Flashbacks? Limit yourself to products with SPF15 max when you know you'll be photographed with flash in an event. Avoid make-up that gives off a dewy-looking skin as it reflects too much light and stick to matte-looking finish.

But what if you're not going to an event with media flashing away but still want to use your too light foundation because it's too pretty and expensive to throw away, I have a simple trick you can do:


So you found a cute foundation that you're itching to buy. Ahh... how can you resist this charming lil thing???

So you bought it even if it's two shades lighter than you because what the hell, you can always fix it, right? Not too much, just a few dab won't be too white, right?

WRONG! A make-up that's a shade lighter than your skin, regardless the amount you put on your face, will remain lighter than the rest of your skin.

OTTOKE!!! What to do???

Simple. Go get that stocked/hidden/piled bronzer or powder that's one to two shades darker than your skin.

Dab lightly onto your skin as if applying Cushion Foundation. If your powder's too dark, use stifling brush or powder blush that's for lightweight application in order to avoid streaks.

 Viola! Gradient skin solved!


  1. I really liked that the texture of these funds is very gentle and almost weightless.

  2. Personally, I think that the most important thing in make-up is to make a beautiful and light tone of the face with the help of good tools in a light texture.