Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blog #23: No Filter (Iope Air Cushion XP Review)

I have a confession to make. I don't have poreless skin. Yes, those pictures of mine wherein you see virtually no pores is a trick. No, it's not filter. It's actually something else.

Let me introduce to you my secret buddy, the Iope Air Cushion XP. Iope is said to be the brand that introduced cushion foundation to Korea and in a sense, the rest of the world as it was launched as early as March 2008. And why not? This make-up has been seen in countless series and promos like My Love From The Star. And yes, I admit that the series introduced me to this product but I don't regret a thing. Why? Let me show you.

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -

Yes, you read it right. It has 10 benefits in one product. The Iope Air Cushion XP is described as cushion foundation that provides powerful protection against UV rays and delivers complete coverage for natural, luminous complexion. Yes, ladies and gents, it means that this product actually shields our skin (with SP50+) while beautifying it. 

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -

What's even better is that it comes in three (3) types: 

  • Natural - realizes natural, moisturized, glowing skin. This one's a hit in since the trend in make-up now is the barely-there / no make-up look.
  • Shimmer - subtle pearls create brightly glowing skin. This one benefits those with dry skin who wants to have an illuminated complexion.
  • Cover - perfect, neatly-covered skin. For those who loves the coverage of foundation but hates the cakeyness, this one's the perfect match.

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -

I got Natural #23 (N23) since I want to have natural, flaw-free looking skin. Natural comes in two shades, Ice Vanilla #21 and Ice Beige #23 which is what I chose.

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -

Sorry for the messy puff. My Air Cushion XP's been with me for almost 6 months now (I'm on the refill), hence, the lovely package. haha 

So how does it look when applied? The Iope Air Cushion XP is in liquid form, like a normal liquid foundation only it's absorbed by a sponge.

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -
Without the IOPE Air Cushion XP

The actual IOPE Air Cushion XP

With IOPE Air Cushion XP

If you notice on the third picture, there's a visible thin veil of yellowish foundation on the skin. Don't panic. It will seamlessly blend with your skin after a few minutes.

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -

I love how it manages to decrease the size of my pores without using a pore care line! How convenient is that? 

Another thing that I love about this cushion is that I don't need constant touch ups! 

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -
My freshly-made up face at 10AM

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up -
My face at 5PM (without touch up!)

If you're buying online, it's best to still be safe than sorry. If you have tan to dark skin, I suggest getting the #23 shades as they are the deepest/darkest tone. These shades work best for Southeast Asian skin while #21 shades fit with fair skin and #22 suits light to natural beige skin tones.

The only con I can say about the product is that I feel like I'm wearing something especially during the first application. My skin feels a slight sting as I pat the cushion but it gradually goes away and I forget I'm wearing foundation as the hours pass.

Over-all, I highly-recommend this product to cushion foundation virgins. I just strongly-suggest that you choose the right shade for you at any Aritaum shop. Don't let celebrities or other people sway your better judgment. Always, always test the product on your skin before buying it because having a shade too light or too dark is one of the make-up horrors anyone can have. 

I'd like to leave a trivia about the this product as conclusion to my review. Do you know that the IOPE Air Cushion XP was named the National Cushion of Korea??? Awesome, right?!? It was chosen by 9,700 Korean female participants in a survey conducted by Kantar World Panel survey and was named the top-seller in the base make-up category in the first quarter of 2014 (

So next time you go make-up hauling, don't forget to include this miracle product on your shopping list!


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