Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blog #24: Make-Catastrophe No. 1 - No Flash 제발!

Hello fellow K-Stylers! I'm here yet again to share some stuff from my dresser. This time, I'll be addressing an issue I'm sure most of us have encountered this nightmare: you enter your favorite beauty shop. See a new Cushion Foundation with a cute packaging. Test on your skin and it's too light but you but it anyway since it's too cute to pass. Go home and include in your collection. Wake up, take a bath, face the mirror and apply the Cushion, take selfies with flash and scan your pics only to see a gradient skin like APink Bomi:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blog #23: No Filter (Iope Air Cushion XP Review)

I have a confession to make. I don't have poreless skin. Yes, those pictures of mine wherein you see virtually no pores is a trick. No, it's not filter. It's actually something else.

Let me introduce to you my secret buddy, the Iope Air Cushion XP. Iope is said to be the brand that introduced cushion foundation to Korea and in a sense, the rest of the world as it was launched as early as March 2008. And why not? This make-up has been seen in countless series and promos like My Love From The Star. And yes, I admit that the series introduced me to this product but I don't regret a thing. Why? Let me show you.

Image of Iope Air Cushion XP, Korean make-up - pinknomenal.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blog #22: Sold Out! Korean Make-Up Trends in K-Drama

What is it with celebrities that almost everything they touch turns to gold? What do we call it, Midas' Touch? I remember watching an episode of MNET's K-Style where Irene and Sarah discussed how a lipstick seen from a K-drama sold out like hot pancakes even if the cost is crazy. 

So yeah, it seems like the best way to market your product is to do placement on TV series which has an influential celebrity or character who will use it and you're guaranteed a phenomenon. We've seen proofs of this after all, right? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blog #21: Fall For Marsala (Korean Make-Up)

Can you feel it? Can you feel the transition from Summer to Fall? 

I can't. We're supposed to be ushering in the rainy season now but the sun just won't let up. It feels as if we're going through Summer all over again. Imagine getting 40 degrees weather? WTF???

Anyway, as I've mentioned, it's already Fall in most parts of the world and that means a new color trend. According to Pantone, there are a bunch of colors fit for this season but I decided to tackle just one, the Pantone 18-1438 Marsala, a rich wine-red-brown marriage of colors.

Now I know not a lot of us like bold, vampy looks but isn't it nice to go wild every once in awhile? My post for today shows how we can incorporate the Fall color into our regular made up look without ending up like Morticia Adams.

Image of Korean Make-Up - Laneige, Iope, Skin Food, Etude House, The Face Shop - pinknomenal.blogspot.com

Friday, August 14, 2015

Blog #20: Gradient, Matte, Glossy - Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense

This is another overdue post which should have been posted months ago but my lazy ass just wouldn't. So I finally was able to edit the video for this (yes, I'm into vlog now but still amateur) and now, here I am sharing with ya!

There are three segments to this one: gradient, full matte and glossy. Love it when I get a product that's so flexible, I can use it many ways.

Image of Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Korean Make-Up - pinknomenal.blogspot.com

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blog #19: Beauty Haul (Korean Make-Up Brand, Laneige)

It's me again! haha I'm just making up for losing a few weeks of blogging due to flu. Plus, my hands itch to deliver goodies for y'all.

Anyway, I went to SM Megamall (which is one of the biggest malls in the Philippines) last month to search for the perfect gift for my mom in law and realized, what better gift to give than the gift of time? No, I'm not talking about expensive timepiece but that other thing: the gift of ageless beauty.

So off I went to Laneige, that high-end Korean make-up brand. After all, what better brand to buy from than that which specializes in Korean skin care, right? 

Image of Korean Make-Up Brand, Laneige - SM Megamall Store pinknomenal.blogspot.com

Blog #18: Lips Like Unnie (KPOP Idols and Them Juicy Lips)

Annyeong yeorubun!

This entry today is actually a week late. I was supposed to post this last week in honor of the National Lipstick Day (which I had no idea existed until I read a tweet of Marie Claire magazine) but I caught a bad case of flu so I was bed-ridden for a good full week.

But now that I'm up and about, I might as well get this out in the open. After all, better late than never, right?

So yeah, here we go. Lemme share with you my fascination with KPOP idols always perfect, never smudged, lips and what the experts recommend to us to snag 'em juicy kiss!

Image of Taeyeon, Gyuri, Sunhwa Lips - pinknomenal.blogspot.com