Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blog #12: Beauty and the Best (Korean Stars and their Make-Up Endorsements)

Annyeong!!! It's sizzlin' hot here in my country and I'm so darn lazy to go out!  So here I am, typing away on my laptop and sharing my thoughts on beauty. Yes, girls, beauty. It's a very broad and interesting topic, especially for girls. There are a lot of beauty tutorials, MOTD, FOTD and all the OTDs we can think of but one topic truly intrigues me: in the slew of beauties donning make-up in ads, who slays?

Come on, who here hasn't stopped on a page of a cosmetics ad and wished for a second, she could be Jun Ji Hyun in Hera or Song Kye Kyo in Laneige? 

So now, I'll be counting down my favorite cosmetic ad royalties and crown the BEST among the BEAUTIES. 

10. Jessica X  

Maybe it's the colors or it's just fresh to see Jessica veer away from her cold princess image. The splash of colors in Banila Co's ads bring a bright and vivid aura to Jessica.

9. Hyuna X  

Hyuna is known for her unnie force. Fierce, sexy and seductive, these are the best words to describe her. Imagine my surprise when I saw her ads for Tony Moly. She looks hella different! She has a softer, pure and more girly image that it blows me just how good she looks with less make up! 

8. Tiffany X 

Tiffany has got to be my fave member in Girls Generation. Maybe it's her eye smile or that she dresses so glam and fab. When I saw her ads for IPKN I said, ah, that's so Tiffany!

7. Yoona X

Let's be honest, Yoona has always been part of the top 5 best visuals of KPOP for her pure and nice girl image. Her image best suits the natural and organic products of Innisfree.
6. Sandara X

Before Clio, Sandara was known as THE Etude House Girl. She basically slay all the younger idols with her youthful and clear skin. Up to know, I find myself amazed when looking at her Etude House ads. What I'll give to have that face for just one day (okay, make it a year)!

5. Hara X

I'm not a Goo Hara fan but I have to admit she's frickin' gorgeous. Her eyes and small nose make her look like a cute little girl lost. I've been seeing a lot of comments from k-netz that she made Estee Lauder look like a road shop make-up (and maybe it's true) but I absolutely love how immaculately gorge she is!

4. Sulli X

Sulli has that type of face that'll make you smile. Sparkling eyes, small nose and cute dimples. Definitely a killer! So I wasn't surprise when Etude House announced that she, along with Shinee and Krystal were to be the brand's endorsers in 2014 (although Krystal seems awkward acting cutesy). She's the perfect fit!

3. Jun Ji Hyun X  

Is there even a question Jun Ji Hyun's part of the top three of any list? The goddess from the stars lands at the number 3 spot for her surreal and dramatic beauty in Hera ads. You've got to love her expressive eyes and flawless skin. Even Do Manager would fall for this! 

2. Sandara X  

I was sad, no, devastated when I found out Sandara and Etude House went their separate ways. My grieving period was shortened, however, when Clio announced that Sandara was their new muse! I wasn't familiar with Clio then but I hoarded like any normal fan girl would. Love love how they were able to show Sandara's matured side and yet, highlighted her youthful skin!

1. Song Hye Kyo X  

She was and has always been THE goddess of beauty. From Endless Love to That Winter The Wind Blows, she awes everyone with her divine beauty. Laneige made use of her pure skin and unreal beauty by giving her surreal and divine ads as well. No more words necessary. 

Do you agree with my list? Who's on yours?


  1. I bought Tony Moly because of JYJ. Lol. That's the first time I think that the power of endorsement is too strong :p

    1. Kim Jaejoong!!! 😍 I started hauling Etude House because of Sandara then turned to Clio when she switched brands. Haha