Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blog #12: Beauty and the Best (Korean Stars and their Make-Up Endorsements)

Annyeong!!! It's sizzlin' hot here in my country and I'm so darn lazy to go out!  So here I am, typing away on my laptop and sharing my thoughts on beauty. Yes, girls, beauty. It's a very broad and interesting topic, especially for girls. There are a lot of beauty tutorials, MOTD, FOTD and all the OTDs we can think of but one topic truly intrigues me: in the slew of beauties donning make-up in ads, who slays?

Come on, who here hasn't stopped on a page of a cosmetics ad and wished for a second, she could be Jun Ji Hyun in Hera or Song Kye Kyo in Laneige? 

So now, I'll be counting down my favorite cosmetic ad royalties and crown the BEST among the BEAUTIES.