Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blog #11: Beauty Haul (Canmake Japan Product Review)

Annyeong! ^_~ I'm now up to my 11th entry and I'm thinking of taking a break (just for this one) from KPOP. That's because I want to introduce to you a make up brand straight from Tokyo!

Everyone, say "annyeong" (or konnichiwa for that matter) to CANMAKE! I found out about these lovelies from my makee up artist friend, Shiubin. She used the Perfect Serum BB Cream (see picture above, left) on me during my wedding and I got complimented a lot! So I dropped by Somera boutique in Glorietta 2 to haul some goodies.

Canmake's display in Glorietta 2 looks really girly (which suits my taste). Looking at it will make you want to buy. :)

Photos grabbed from CANMAKEPH FB
Canmake's logo is quite simple on the contrary with pink as its standout color.

Anyhow, I was supposed to buy the Perfect Serum ONLY (only is the key word) but as my eyes sparkle at the kawaii make up, my impulse for indulgence took the best of me. \\o//

Let's take a look at my loot:

Easy & Fast Make Gel - Watery Moist


> can be used straight after bath
> ensures smooth make up application
> makes skin appear velvety smooth and finely-textured
> blurs flaws (uneven skin, pores, fine lines)
> prevents shine from natural oil


True to its name, this base feels cool on the skin. I used it as my first step in make up and it worked fine. It didn't really blur my flaws and I can't really say that the texture resembles that of water but it's not as sticky as other liquid base. :)


Smooth Skin Cover - Pore Cover & Mat Keep


> Silky smooth skin
> Pores, fine lines and shine disappear in an instant
> Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents: Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) and Rosa Multiflora (beautifying)


The first time I tried this, I wasn't convinced. The second time, it's magic. I probably applied this cover wrong the first time but it works so well when I paired it with the Watery Moist base the second time.

Compared to other pore covers, this one's lighter on the skin but gives decent result. As for the beautifying and moisturizing effect, my skin felt smooth and whiter after cleansing.


Perfect Serum BB Cream


> Contains 21 types of beautifying ingredients
> With SPF50 
> Acts as a foundation with sheer coverage
> Gentle on the skin

This one's my product hero! I love the after effects of this BB Cream even more than the natural coverage it gives. I love how smooth and supple it leaves my skin after I cleansed. As for claim #3, I can vouch for its foundation-like sheer coverage. I love that it didn't give me that I'm having Foundation Day feeling of heaviness. :)


Cheek Gradation - 3 Cheek & 1 Highlight


> Gives off satin sheen for glowing cheeks with shiny pearls
> Lively skin
> Variety of colors


This one's a so-so for me. The effect is like that of cheek gradation I'm using from other brands. What I like though from this product is the highlight color because it works so well in enhancing my nose (via highlighting of the nose bridge).


I wasn't able to get a decent beaufie of myself since I had a prior engagement but I managed to steal a few ones to show you the effects of Canmake:

Yours truly during the start of the day :)

The not so fresh me ending the night - you can see some oil on my nose after no touch up \\o//

There you have it - my assessment of Canmake products. What do you think of this brand? Share your thoughts at the CBOX! :)

'Til my next haul! 

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