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Blog #8: The World You Live In (New Chapter Guys! ^_~)

Annyeong! Been receiving quite a lot of shout outs for the new chapter of THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN which is hosted in AFF. I've been very busy lately BUT... I managed to squeeze in some time to write the latest chapter of my current fic (while squeezed in a tightly-congested bus, one hand holding the seat handle for dear life while the other, expertly typing on my phone). Please note that this chapter is posted in this site first. Read it FIRST here before I make this available to AFF tomorrow night. :)

Sandara Park by Minhalism - Deviant Art

I believe in these principles: best results come from hard work, good things come to those who wait and pray and it'll be given to you.

Thirty days has gone by so fast for me. Those days were spent doing the finishing touches for my debut album. I worked hard, fought hard and saw how hard others worked for me. Jay have a pending MV shoot but even that he had o cancel so he can focus on mine.

To say that I'm thankful is an understatement.

"Look what I have here!"

I can't contain my smile as Jay handed me a CD. No, it's not an ordinary CD. This CD has a cover showing a close up of a girl I'm very familiar with.

"My album." I can't take my eyes off it. All the hard work contained in that single CD.

"Let me see that!" I was trying to push Show away but he managed to grab my CD. "WHOA! Great photoshop skills!"

"HEY!" I snatched my CD from him. "Only a few edit were done, la~" The nerve of this guy!

"HA HA! I'm just playin'. We all know you're poreless." Ouch! He even pinched me. Grrr!!!

"I'm going." Jay got up and walked to the door. 

It's still early though.

"Going somewhere, Jay?"

He smiles while waving my CD.


Jay Chou by Bijahao

They say it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I say it's harder to make a nation listen to a newcomer.

"I can't promise to play this every hour, Jay. Twice a day tops, that's all I can give."


"What are you saying, man? It's a debut album. You guys do specials for new releases all the time." What's so different now?

"If it's just me, sure but this is out of my hands, Jay. Management's decision."

I can't let this happen. I have to do something. "Is it Yu? Let me talk to-- "

"They're doing a special for Jolin's new album. Contract's been signed and its release matches with this."



"Heard they're cooking massive promotion for her new album. Jolin's on top of things."


Jay Chou by Bijahao - Deviant Art

It's the same tune played different times.

"Too bad, Jay. This is good." It's the third station I've been to and so far, responses have been the same.

"Then play it, man." I'm getting frustrated with this shit. 

All Vince can do is look at me in apology. "My hands are tied, Jay. We've already said yes to Jolin."

"Can't you support both?" I'm desperate. We need to bag at least one major station to back us up.

"It's Jolin or nothing. That's what she said."

Jolin or nothing. So you're leaving us with nothing, huh?

I'm still reeling from today's episode as I walk back to my car. I can't believe it. Jolin went this far just to get back at me.

"I gave my best just for this album."

Jolin's words stopped me. She's up in the small screen at the parking lot's lounge.

Jolin by Viktalon - Deviant Art

"I worked with the best for this so I'm hoping everyone will anticipate it."

Up on the screen Jolin is smiling happily. Her eyes glint and I know she can feel it.


I suddenly remember the sleepless nights Sandara spent working on her album. She'd been diligent, a great student. All of her efforts are going down the drain now.

Because of me.

"I made a vow to myself that this will be the best album I've ever done and I believe it is."

For the first time, I'm having this feeling.

"It's Jolin or Nothing."

Jay Chou by Bijahao - Deviant Art

I managed to bag us a guesting on a few shows including Show's 100% Entertainment. Some radio stations promised to play Sandara's songs but other than those...


"What's wrong, Jay?"

I can't face her, especially now that she's smiling brightly at me.

"I'm sorry this is only what I got for you."

"Hey, look at me. Do I look disappointed?"

Why? Why is she so happy?

"I wasn't expecting much. I've known for the start I've got nothing on Jolin. I'm just thankful I'm given this chance to start again."

How can her words sound so sincere?

"You're not inferior to Jolin, Sandara."

"I am. I know my fans support me and all but I know at the back of their minds they're thinking I'm just Chaerin's minion."

She sounds so frustrated no matter how much she smiles.

Her face brightens though as the lights blare. "With this, I have a chance to show everyone I'm more than that."

A burden is lifted from my shoulders with her words. How can we lose with that spirit? 


Sandara Park by Minhalism - Deviant Art

"How does it feel knowing that you're going head to head with the CPOP Queen, Jolin?"

The truth? I'm petrified.

"It's a big challenge for me and of course, I'm a bit anxious too."


The shouts came from one of the audiences. I look up to see angry faces throwing curses at me.









I didn't notice Jay rushing towards me or that Show's already reprimanding the audience. All I see's the tears forming in my eyes, shielding me from seeing all the hate.

I want you to know the truth! God if only you know how painful... if only all of you know how much I sacrificed.. if only you know how I was so wronged...

Would you still hate me this much?

"I'm Sandara Park! I'm not Dara I of 2NE1 anymore. I'm not the girl who's trying to come between your idol and his girl. I'm desperate, yes that's right. Because you won't give me a chance! If you can just listen before you judge me..."

Tears spill as I'm escorted towards the exit. Jay's arms are the only ones protecting me from all the hate around me.

Yes, this is the world I live in.


I switch off the TV before I smash it. How can people be so stupid? Do they even know her personally to say those things? Speaking so freely... they don't even know the fucking truth!

"You're up!"

12:40. Should I call her? Will she answer? Fuck I'm going crazy!

I think I better see her.

"What's my schedule this week?"

"I know what you're thinking and the answer's NO."

HUH. See if you can stop me.

"We've got interviews all week. Campaigns up for SS. 2015's ours, right?"

FUCK. Fine. This will have to do then.

"Hello, Sandara?"


How was it, guys? Did you like the latest chapter? Who could that person in the last POV be? GD? Jay? Edison? Nic? Let me know your thought at the comments box or vote for your bet at the poll (see right panel ---> )!

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