Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blog #7: Stealing Sandara Park's Look (Make-up Concept)

If there's one celebrity, just one frickin' celebrity you can steal the look of for one day, who'll it be? For me, it's got to be SAN-DA-RA! It's a given that she has super clear and flawless skin but she always manages to get away with whatever make up her stylists put her in!

So I took it upon myself to list my (meaning this is solely based on my personal opinion) fave Sandara looks. I'll also give my recommended beauty tools to help you guys recreate her fabulosity! :)


We all know that Sandara easily tops the KPOP visual game so it's no wonder she sings "I AM THE BEST". But besides slaying all plastic dolls with her natural beauty, her look in this music video is a real standout.

Look starts at 0:55

Quick Fix:

  • Go for sharp black liner for precise cat eye! Skip on the black shadow for a wearable casual look. Try Clio Kill Black Waterproof Liner.

  • It's about the length, babe! Swap your volume mascara to Clio Hitch Eye-King Longlash.

  • How to get that perfect gradient lips? Dab sufficient amount of silky BB Cream all over outer lips. Clio VF 21 Glam BB fits the job perfectly!

  • Opt for subtle pink than full on nude lips for a flushed, just kissed lips. Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip in 001 Devil Pink is a dream.

  • Cap off the look with Clio Lipnicure Top Coat for a voluptuous pucker!


I admit it, I love her so much! I mean, who can resist such a beautiful creature inside and out, right? I also loooove her look in 2NE1's I LOVE YOU music video. How can she look so lovely and tender sporting the Bansak hair of hers???

Look starts at 1:04

Quick Fix:

  • Trade in black shadow for a more wearable dark mocha shade. Etude House Look at My Eyes Cafe in #BR402 (Caffe Mocha) does the trick!

  • Choose a champagne shade with subtle shimmer for the inner corner of the eyes. Play with Etude House's XOXO Minnie Look at My Eyes Jewel in #BE104.

  • Shine... shine... like the stars in the heaven! Go for pearly shine on lips with Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss in CPK002 (Shimmering Pink). 


This is what I want for Sandara... happiness. Someone as pure and loving as her deserves someone who'll proclaim his love for her and cross any sea or desert just for her love! Pardon my overly-sentimental monologue but you get my point, right? Anyway, my third fave look of hers comes from 2NE1's HAPPY video. No, it's not the one with the octopus-like hairstyle but the one with her normal, black hair. :)

Look starts at 1:46

Quick Fix:

  • Pastel is all the rave in HAPPY music video. Go for the fresh and breezy look with Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Upper Liner in Mint Ade.

  • Milky lips seal the deal for this look. Check out Etude's Dear My Milky Gloss in MBE101.

There goes my list! Do you agree or you have your own top 3? Send me a shoutout on the comments box. :)

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