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Blog#4: Invincible Youth - Sandara Park

We've all heard about how Sandara Park drinks the fountain of youth on a daily basis. Seeing her most recent pics, heck, I say she swallowed the whole spring and left none for us mere peasants. It's a travesty!

Sandara Park (L to R): 2012 Vega 3 Launching Party, 2013 Do You Love Me Era and 2014 What's Eating Steven Yeun?

If the above photos are not enough proof that Sandara's messing with our age clock, lemme give you a brief (?) run through of the GODDESS' supreme style through the years!

2009 was the year KPOP stood still. Four amazing ladies slayed the industry and never looked back. One of them, Sandara Park, made a huge impact as 2NE1's visual and media darling.

Sandara's innocent and cute charm during the I Don't Care era totally killed it. Her neat bun and pretty forehead gained the attention not only of fans but of fanboys as well.

It's no secret that one of Sandara's weapon of choice is her bright smile. No wonder Super Junior's Heechul once called her Bright Dara in one of his Instagram posts. Her style during the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is one of my favorite looks, a mix of subtle sexiness and innocent, youthful charm.

But hands down my favorite Sandara style of 2009 is this sexy but tastefully done ensemble during the Melon Awards of the same year. Cut out in all the right places, sheer hose and kill heels, it's an ensemble every girl dreams of pulling off and as expected, Sandara did. I love how confident and fierce she looked all through the night, from the red carpet to their amazing performance, she totally rocked it!

2010 was the start of the peak of 2NE1. They came out with a full length album and had numerous all kills with Can't Nobody, Go Away, It Hurts and Clap Your Hands. This year also showcased 2NE1's upgraded fashion with their various styles from Can't Nobody, Try To Follow Me and Go Away era. This year also marks the introduction of Sandara as Etude's solo endorser!

Definitely my favorite looks during her stint as Etude's solo endorser in 2010. She looked like a life-sized Barbie Doll with long lashes and big doll-like eyes, not to mention flawless, porcelain skin. These images were from Etude House's Aloha campaign for the Summer.

Everyone was shocked when the sweet Sandara Park chopped her long locks for this totally chic cut. No worries thought because she was able to pull off the "cold city girl" look and still look glamazing. This particular look from Melon Awards 2010 is another favorite with her looking all regal and poised, a far cry from her dorky and cute image.

But my pick for my most favorite 2010 Sandara style is none other than her looks in Taeyang's music video, I Need A Girl! This MV never fails to give me so much feels especially when Sandara's in the frame. Her cute smile, stylish outfits and come hither looks make this MV an all-time most watched clip for me. :)

2011 saw the peak of 2NE1's quest to take over the world. The word "EVOLUTION" best described the group during this year and no other member evolved more than Sandara Park.

Sandara retains her "cold, city girl" look with I Am The Best. I adore the tight, high ponytail with silver choker look. It's so fiercely sharp and bad ass.

Her style at the lecture she gave at the Yonsei University was a stark contrast from her IATB look. Crisp, clean and simple, she glowed with barely there make up and her signature apple hairstyle.

And my favorite look for 2011? Got to be her style for the HATE YOU stages of 2NE1! She went back to long straight hair and icy make up. I love how her outfits that are usually crazy took a back seat to her stunning face.

2012 was the start of the 2NE1 drought. YG released only one single, I Love You, sent them to Japan to promote for the first time with two singles, Scream and Go Away Japanese version and started the New Evolution Tour. While fans felt a drought in 2NE1's Korean activities, Daralings were blessed with Sandara Park's effortless beauty and a shocking Bansak hairstyle throughout the whole year.

The I LOVE YOU era brought us a lot of jaw-droppin', eye-poppin' looks of Sandara from the music videos to 2NE1's stage performance. My absolute favorite look has got to be this one from 2012's SBS Gayo Daejun where she performed CRAYON with GD.

But my favorite style of Sandara in 2012 is none other than her look at the Vega 3 Launching Party!

She looked incredibly stunning donning a boyish outfit and beanie! So effortless!

After a disappointing 2012, Blackjacks were looking forward to 2NE1's 2013 comeback. The year started off with an upbeat track with a reggae feel. FALLING IN LOVE was released and a gloriously blonde Sandara Park was revealed.

I have a confession to make, I dig the blonde Sandara so much that I hope she stuck with this hairstyle a little longer! The platinum blonde hair complements her milky white skin so much it's like a marriage made in heaven! :)

Her blonde hair looked immaculate whether she was wearing bright or dark colors that it's insane! I especially love her Falling In Love stage outfits.

Her blonde hair continued with DO YOU LOVE ME promotions. During this era, we found a cuter Sandara in anime and comic-inspired outfits!

Her beauty's no joke, though! ;)

And my pick for the most sensational Sandara style of 2013 is (drum roll please)...

Sandara Park in Missing You!

She worked the large fedora hat and humongous fur coats like it's nobody's business. Goodness! This woman makes wearing a heavy winter outfit seems like an everyday affair.

And who could forget her look at the 2013 MAMA? Pretty sure Chanyeol's not one of them. haha ;)

Though 2013 brought three singles from 2NE1, Blackjacks all over the world still hungered for more 2NE1 awesomeness. In comes 2014 like a wrecking ball!

Crush is the second full length album from 2NE1 which showcased a more mature and definitely sophisticated style of the group. I feel like a luxurious and accomplished woman as I listen to tracks like GOTTA BE YOU, IF I WERE YOU, BABY I MISSED YOU, GOOD TO YOU and SCREAM. The track "CRUSH" is heavily anticipated by fans to slay during the group's year-end performances. Sadly though, we have yet to see them perform in the year-end shows.

Besides promoting Come Back Home and Gotta Be You, Sandara was busy all throughout the year with endorsing Clio's new products like Salon de Cara.

 This period marks the revelation of an actress-like aura of Sandara. Gone are the weird and crazy hairstyles and baggy clothes and instead, a stunning, graceful side of her was revealed.

She also collaborated with Hollywood star Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) for Be Funny Studio's "What's Eating Steven Yeun?". Totally loved her over-sized Moschino sweatshirt dress!

It's no secret Sandara loves going back to the Philippines to unwind, right? This time, she squeezed in a photoshoot for a local fashion magazine, MEG.

If I wear this casually in the streets, people will surely give me a head to toe look but Sandara made it effortless to wear ruffled jacket and beaded crop top. Her long, loose curls with subtle highlights look smashing as well!

Her Philippine visit wasn't all work though. She found time to travel and boast the country's rich culture and scenery.

If this wasn't a photoshoot, I'm dying to know what a Sandara photoshoot would look like now!

My favorite and probably, the most awesome Sandara look from 2009 to present for me is none other than...

This only proves that no matter how minimal her make up or effortless her hair is, a goddess will naturally shine. Sandara slayed all the airport fashion with this natural and ethereal look!

I've just recapped my list of favorite Sandara styles from 2009 to 2014. Do you agree with my list? Post yours too at the comments box! :)

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