Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog #2: Seoul Searching

September 2011
Touchdown Seoul, South Korea

One of the craziest things I've ever done in my entire 28 years of existence is letting my friend book me a 4 days and 3 nights trip to South Korea on a whim. It was a "do you wanna go to Seoul" type of thing which was only answerable by YES or NO with no provision for a question "WHY". So of course I said YES and minutes later, found myself on a Cebu Pacific flight to Busan, South Korea with five of my friends.

So off we go on a 4-hour airplane ride to Busan and another 6-hour train ride via Mugunghwa to Seoul. Imagine our dismay when we found out that the guesthouse we booked forfeited our reservation since we weren't able to answer the owner's frickin' call while we're airborne! Thank god for Hotel Skypark 3 in Myeongdong.

After resting a little and freshening up, off we went to our first stop: 
Namdaemun street scene!

My first taste of Gye Ran Bang (Egg Muffin) and it's heavenly!

A quick stop at a souvenir shop. Lots of Korean products perfect for pasalubong.

A certification shot at Namdaemun shopping market! Lots of cheap stuff to shop!

Namdaemun has the feel of Divisoria in terms of jampacked shoppers 
and low-end market, a perfect place for tourists on a budget! :)

Later that evening, we went on a pilgrimage to the Namsam Tower.

 We couldn't afford the huge bear so we just took a photo op! ;)

The Namsan Tower was breathtaking with its illuminating light, 
almost resembling the moon lighting the lover's paths.

Of course, we couldn't miss the LOCKS OF LOVE! 
Lots of romantics left their love symbols in hopes of attaining a long lasting romance.

I made a vow to myself that my next visit to Namsam Tower will be with my love. 
Three years later, I fulfilled my promise (whole story will be on a separate entry)!

One of the best things about going to Korea was the food trip. 
Hell yeah food was fuggin' hot, as in BAD ASS, SPICY HOT 
but it was an exciting and fun experience nonetheless!

(From left to right) Myself, Rona and Mars enjoyed our breakfast buffet at Hotel Skypark 3.

This huge Beef Bulgogi Rice brought me to tears!

Rona and I packed on cabbage salad to neutralize the spiciness of Kimchi mixed with the beef.

And yes, even the Ramen was hella HOT! Needed to add water to reduce the spiciness
but the rice balls were yum. :)

And of course, our Seoul trip wasn't complete without a visit to Lotte World!

This parade was just magical. Brought me back to my childhood.

NOOOOO... don't drown me in tears!!! (Look out for Sadako haha)

Photo Op at the Castle-like attraction of Lotte World.

Definitely a trip worth repeating! Watch out for my next post on my cosmetics shopping! :)


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