Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog #1: Annyeong!

My love affair with Korea started one November night in 2010. I was channel surfing and I ended up watching this 6-hour long music awards that featured artists with chinky eyes and funky outfits. Yep, MAMA 2010 baby.

I got curious when I saw a familiar face. It was the lovely Sandara Park and she wasn't anything I remembered during her stint in the Philippines. She looked... successful with her army of GIRL POWER by her side.

So I stayed glued to Star World and waited for I don't know what. What I remember is that I was amazed at the style of the artists who were apparently part of the K-POP world which I would later on be a part of... from a distance. I remember rooting for 2NE1 to get an award and getting giddy when the artist known as "Taeyang" gave the only K-POP artist I was familiar with a KISS.

(LOL at CL's epic reaction)

After MAMA 2010, I rushed to YouTube and googled (yep, you guessed it) DARAYANG. There were only a few clips, sadly but the funny thing was I got hooked into another ship, DARAGON (but that's another story).

Anyway, that's how I started falling for the craze called K-POP. Join me as I look back and forward to the things that got me hooked into this universe that is truly PINKNOMENAL!


  1. kekeke...MAMA 2010 is for me the most memorable one! For the reason that it's my first MAMA watching. Good for u that u had watched it on tv. I was so pissed of with the netcon that time. I had no other choice but to watch fancams or MAMA vids uploaded in youtube. That kiss screams DARAYANG!!! <<< My first ship that I really adore. Sandara Park has always been special to me since I was 12. Whatever she achieves today, I am so proud of her. I hope that she'll accomplish more other things. Love love love for our beloved krung krung. ^^

    1. DARAYANG was my first ship to until I jump-shipped to DARAGON. haha But yeah, MAMA 2010 basically introduced me to K-POP. Sucks that this year's MAMA's too shitty.

  2. Koreans are beautiful obviously. I also like korean music though i do not understand korean language but i think for music you should have good music sense knkwing the language is not necessary.