Friday, February 10, 2017

Blog #66: Laneige x Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint Swatch + Review

Hello Beauties! So, I've been MIA for quite some time because little Katey's been quite playful lately and has been losing some nap time ever since she learned to roll over. Yey for my little girl achieving yet another milestone! The momma in me is so proud of her baby love. ❤

Now that I have the luxury to blog again, Imma share with you my thoughts on a lippie collection that is part of the revolutionary collaboration of Laneige and Lucky Chouette and y'all know this momma's a sucker for lippies, right? Especially if they come in sweet packaging like this...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Blog #65: Laneige x Lucky Chouette Multi Face Color Swatch + Review

How ya doin', Beauties? Finally found the time to accomplish another blog post as my little Katey's sound asleep next to me. The little angel's been super playful lately that mommy's all up in her business and my pending blogs pile up. Right now though that I have some rare silence, I want to share with you guys a new fave of mine.

Laneige x Lucky Chouette Multi Face Color Palette -
Laneige x Lucky Chouette Multi Face Color Palette

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blog #64: Dear Santa Althea (My K-Beauty Wishlist)

Hello Beauties! 'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la, fa la la, la la la ♫ and in line with this season, it's time once again to attend parties and stuff ourselves with delicious feasts. Of course, doing so, one must fix herself and be pretty. After all, a party ain't complete without the mandatory selfies and groufies, right? ☺ 

For new moms like myself, however, there are priorities I want to put above everything else. Yes, I'll probably skip that pre-Christmas dinner I usually hold with my closest friends. I may not be able to attend that beauty event I was looking forward to. And yep, I guess I have to settle with online shopping instead of joining the Malliday rush. All of these things, however, are simple sacrifices I'm willing to take since I've been blessed with the biggest gift this year, my little Katey. Surprisingly, staying at home, breastfeeding and watching over my little cutie 24/7, is more entertaining as I thought it'll be. I find myself smiling and laughing more now with this little bundle of joy's antics. haha

Although being a new mom for me means me being completely attentive to my little baby, there are still things that I manage to do when she's fast asleep or distracted like my passion which is K-beauty. Ever since I stayed full time at home, I've started vigorously upgrading my skincare routine. So when Althea announced that they'll be having a contest for bloggers, vloggers and youtubers like myself, I decided to take the plunge! You should too if you're also a fellow blogger like me. Just check out Althea's links below:

Althea Philippines website

Althea Philippines Facebook

Althea Korea Instagram

Anyway, for any K-Beauty addict like myself, being able to receive all a whole box of makeup and skincare that I love is like being a kid being told she can bring home all the toys she want. I'm beyond excited! So indulge me for a moment as I share my simple letter to Santa Althea in hopes that all my wishes, she'll hear ❣

Monday, December 5, 2016

Blog #64: Laneige x Lucky Chouette BB Cushion Review (Pore Control & Whitening)

Finally, I'm back after a long hiatus! To those who are wondering why the long absence, it's because last month, I received the biggest blessing in my life. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! :) So I decided to lay low for awhile and let myself adjust to motherhood before I put myself out into the world again. I'm still adjusting now and I'm only able to blog again because my cute little bundle of joy is sound asleep as of the moment. :D

So what took me out of hiatus? I realized it has always been one brand. Laneige surprised me a week ago with this insanely gorgeous set of limited edition make-up. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blog #63: Kang Mo Yeon-inspired Makeup Tutorial (Laneige 2016 Two Tone Collection)

Hello Beauties! After a very long hiatus, I'm back once again to share with you my current obsession. Months ago, I received the whole line of the 2016 Two Tone Collection of Laneige and as I've mentioned before, I was going to do a series of tutorials using these incredible shadows and lippies. Well, after a long rest (I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 2 months ago), I'm finally done editing my first inspired makeup tutorial!